Contemporary Visual Artist

 Andie DeRoux poses with her work, Every Moment, 80 x 128.

Andie DeRoux poses with her work, Every Moment, 80 x 128.

“Through the process of making art, I am able to have a deeper discussion with myself and the world. I create work that continues this intimate conversation with the viewer, growing deeper over time.” 

Andie DeRoux was born in Seattle Washington and attended Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. She received her B.F.A. with an emphasis in portrait painting, ceramic sculpture and photography. Some of her artistic influences and inspiration include Marcel Duchamp,  Judy Chicago, Louise Bourgeois, Jan van Eyck, Ernst Haeckel, Damien Hirst, Matthew Barney, Andy Warhol, Grayson Perry, Antony Gormley and Helmut Newton.

Andie DeRoux’s originals are included in the collections of Redmond City Hall, Seattle University, Washington Art Consortium, Seattle Chinese Medical Center, CRS Financial Center, Seattle Center and the Pike Place Market Foundation. The artist has exhibited at the Friesen Gallery, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (CO), Center on Contemporary Art (WA), Bellevue Art Museum (WA), Abmeyer + Wood Gallery(WA) and Ghost Gallery(WA). Her works has also been featured in numerous noted Seattle publications.


Solo Exhibitions

2016-2017 (Dec-February) Storefronts Installation (Terry & Mercer, South Lake Union), Seattle WA (Dec 9th Art Walk Event)  

2015 Spring Romance, Steve Jensen Studios, Seattle WA

2014 The Big Show, Hotel Max Art Loft, Seattle WA

2012 “Premières nus Féminins”, Ghost Gallery, Seattle WA

2011 Gallery at Aspira-Seattle, WA

2009 Unfolding - Solo Exhibition- Friesen Gallery - Seattle WA

2007 Where Do You Go When You Dream? Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley, ID

2006 Running Through the Forest, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA

2003 My Kingdom, Ace Gallery, Seattle, WA

2002 Sacred Spaces/Artificial Inclusion, Ace Gallery, Seattle, WA


Group Exhibitions


The Art of PRIDE - A Group Exhibition, ARIA salon and spa, Seattle WA


30 Women Over 30, Kerf International Exhibitions, Seattle WA

Bemis Fall 2015 Art Show, Seattle WA

From the Archives, Rubix, Seattle WA

Natural Design in a Modern World, Urban Hardwoods, Seattle WA

Abmeyer + Wood Gallery, Seattle WA


2014 Abmeyer + Wood Gallery, Seattle WA

2013 Abmeyer + Wood Gallery, Seattle WA

2012 Pretty, Sexy, Dirty Girly, Bherd Studios Gallery, Seattle WA. 

2011 Friesen Gallery, Seattle WA

2010 April 1st, 2010, Speak For The Trees, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA

2009 December 30th, 2009, Speak for The Trees, Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley,ID

2008 April, What Does Compassion Look Like? Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA



Anonymous Drawings 5, Blütenweiss Gallery, Berlin, Germany

April, MIGRATION, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA

Donna Seager Gallery, San Rafael, CA

URBAN SCALES, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA

Poncho Art Auction, Seattle WA

Escala c/o Friesen Gallery, Seattle WA


2006 Where Art Thou, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA Fall Lines, Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley, ID

2005 The Plane Truth, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA

2004 The Non-Objective Object, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA Poncho Art Auction, Seattle, WA Sense of Place, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO

2003 Wing Luke Art Museum Dinner & Auction, Seattle, WA Little Things Count, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA

1999 Pacific NW Annual, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue WA

1997 artsEdge, Seattle Center, Seattle WA. Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle WA

1996 NW Annual, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA 619 Gallery, Seattle, WA


Public Collections

Seattle University Art Collection, Seattle, WA

SAFECO Art Collection, Seattle, WA 

Seattle Chinese Medical Center, Seattle, WA 

CRS Financial Center, Lynnwood, WA 

Pike Place Market Foundation, Seattle, WA


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