Contemporary Visual Artist


Kerf International Gallery, Wallingford Center, Seattle Washington

A solo Exhibition showcasing 10 years of Resin Painting and Sculpture including new works! I started creating art with Resin in 1993, and I continue to be inspired by this amazing medium. 

Icicle Creek Coffee Table. Cast resin, glass, steel, reclaimed wood, mixed mediums. 2016

Bloedel Reserve Zen Garden, Resin, mixed mediums on canvas. 2015

Cherry Blossoms at Dawn. Resin, mixed mediums on panel, 2012. 

Unveiled, Cast resin, mixed mediums on panel. 2009

Rome. 54x35, Resin, mixed mediums on Plexiglass, 2009 

Bloedel #1, 48x24, Resin, mixed mediums on canvas. 2015

She Rules with a Firm Hand and Love in Her Heart. 30x30. Resin, mixed mediums on canvas. 2014