Contemporary Visual Artist


Dec 2016 - March 2017 

South Lake Union, Seattle Washington

A collection of my resin artwork from 2004-2016 focusing on Transformation both within ourselves and nature. Features mixed media resin paintings and resin sculpture. My work is included with eight Washington State artists in South Lake Union as part of Shunpike's acclaimed Storefronts program. Examining the built landscape, the interplay of wilderness and civilization, and reflecting on our environment (literally and figuratively), the installations evoke curiosity and new perspectives. These works are now on display until March 2017. 

LOCATION: Mercer Storefront (Corner of Mercer and Terry in South Lake Union Seattle, Washington)


I am myself, another. Cast Resin, Steel, Glass, Quartz Crystal, Mixed Mediums  2016

  Cherry Blossoms , Resin, Mixed Mediums on Panel. 

Cherry Blossoms, Resin, Mixed Mediums on Panel. 

Every Moment, Resin, Mixed Mediums on Panel, 2014